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Enzymedica is the leader in digestive enzymes and natural health & wellness products. Their commitment to improving human health through the gut microbiome is equally matched by their commitment to restoring the natural habitats which their sustainable products are sourced from.

We were tasked to help them launch an innovative new product in the fish oil category, by standing out, and standing up, for our ocean’s reefs.


We created the name, Aqua Biome, to bring together the main product benefit (holistic wellness of the microbiome) with its mission to save the Great Florida Reefs (a main nutrient source for the fish in our oceans).

packaging design

Because we were targeting holistic wellness, we borrowed from the beauty category. vs the already saturated fish oil category cues, to target our Naturalista shopper. We used bold geometric shapes and natural texture as our design base, and then brought in a palette from the coral reef to pop off the shelf and stand out to our millennial target.

social content


We brought the Aqua Biome story to life through a parallax UX that helped to unpack the health benefits of the products and the science behind them. Throughout, we brought in the story of the reefs that users were helping to rebuild with each purchase.

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