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raising the game on campus

Muscle Milk had a nationwide system of college reps that for years did guerrilla marketing and activations with students, and reported everything back to HQ in a manual system that was becoming challenging to manage.

We reimagined the system as a mobile app, with a gamified UX, that incentivizes brand ambassadors to outperform on their respective campuses, as well as through social media. Meanwhile, all that activation data was delivered via the cloud back to HQ in a clean and scalable format.

app development

We named it Muscle Milk College, designed a logo, and were off to the races, creating an entire mobile design language brought to life through an engaging UX.

working across platforms

Once the fly wheel got going, we were managing reps across the nation across mobile devices, while we delivered analytics and insights to the program directors on desktop and tablet, so they could continue to make improvements to the program and report numbers up to the leadership team.